TOT - Tree Of Trust Distributed Database

TOT ("tree of trust") is a simple distributed database with a hierarchical trust system, which uses existing P2P networks as the underlying layer. The proof of concept implementation will build a structured, high-quality network on top of the eDonkey/eMule network.


23 May 2004 TOT goes official. The TOT article has been published (PDF/HTML). Preliminary proof of concept Perl code is in the CVS.


The specification is complete. There is preliminary non-functional Perl code in the CVS. Contributions are welcome.


Steil, Michael; Hessmann, Christian: "Building a Reliable Structured and Trusted Distributed Database on Top of Existing P2P Networks", 23 May 2004. (PDF/HTML)


All files are in the CVS.

(C)2004 The TOT Project

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